Thursday, 15 April 2010

Extended Major Project

I had to start a new blog for my EMP for it to be marked seperately by my tutors but i will hereafter be continuing on this blog.

the url for the latest work is:

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Counter Culture

Something which cropped up in the portfolio examination we had before the unit started was that i should continue to draw characters like the 'pipe smoker' that i had presented in the meeting. I decided to set myself a little sub project to continue after the unit is over to recall memories of my friends when we were younger and turn them into A2 drawings. The first of which i have photographed below.

Midnight Millionaires

One of the highlights of the negotiated practice unit for me was participating in my first public exhibition of work as part of Holly's Midnight Millionaires club. I also managed to sell some work at the silent auction. (Photographs Courtesy of Holly - pinched from facebook)

Black cat number 13

Throughout the book virtually everyone who comes into contact with Jean-Baptiste encounters some kind of misfortune, in fact most of the characters (once their role in the narrative comes to an end) die in the most unlucky fashion. I wanted to create a single image that quite simply summed up the fact that the man carries with him a curse that spreads "misfortune and death". I think that this of all my prints is the most successful, it is eye catching yet doesn't give too much away. I think this will most probably be the image i choose to submit to the competition.

Primitive Drawing

Throughout this project i have tried to draw influence from a number of different sources, Including Aboriginal art and primitive and naive drawing, a lot of my sketchbook work has involved mark making and an attempt to absorb the styles from a number of different cultures to create something different of my own. The reason why i think that primitive drawing works in application to this text in particular is that Jean-Baptiste is the only one of his kind, and an other to the rest of society, and at times could be considered savage. The Primitive also links in well with the superstitiousness of the 18th century and the exoticism associated with perfumery.


My focus for this project has been mainly on drawing and not on hand generated type, even so i have considered its application for this brief and tried out a few ideas. The basic idea for this woodcut font was for each of the letters to be constructed from one of the ingredients of the formula he smells on his first victim. The flower forming the P is Jasmine.